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California Courts

  • Alameda Municipal Court
  • Alameda County Superior Court
  • Berkeley Municipal Court
  • Burbank Municipal Court
  • Fremont Municipal Court
  • Livermore-Pleasanton Municipal Court
  • Los Angeles Municipal Court
  • Marin County Municipal Court
  • Marin County Superior Court
  • Oakland-Piedmont Municipal Court
  • Orange County Superior Court
  • Riverside Superior and Municipal Court
  • San Diego Municipal Court
  • San Diego Superior Court
  • San Francisco Trial Courts
  • San Leandro-Hayward Municipal Court
  • San Luis O'Bispo Superior Court
  • South Orange County Municipal Court
  • Stanislaus County Superior and Municipal Courts
  • Ventura Superior and Municipal Courts

California Government

  • California State Government Home Page
  • Legislative Analyst's Office

California Legislature

  • California State Assembly
  • California State Senate
  • Official California Legislative Information (Legislative Counsel of California)

Federal Courts

  • U. S. Supreme Court Opinions
  • U. S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
  • California Law Daily Opinion Service
  • Federal Judicial Center
  • United States Federal Judiciary (USAOC)
  • Federal Courts Finder

Federal Government


  • Thomas: Legislative Information on Internet (Library of Congress)
  • United States Senate
  • United States House of Representatives

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